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This mask is beautifully packaged and it smells lovely.



5 out of 5 stars    

I have a combination of oily and sensitive dry skin and its so hard to find products that work for me . OMG !!!!THE SUGAR SCRUB IS AMAZIIING!!!! the first time i used it on my face it felt so soft so rejuvenated it smells good enuff to eat and i even put my mither on to it . The body butter is life i had a bit of a break out from the heat in my face and it disappeared in two days it melts on contact with ur skin i used it for my face and i used it on my daughter and she has dermatitis and this calms her itching and its not super greasy witch i love but a little dab goes a long way. And the lip gloss smells so good and its the cherry on the top non sticky . I am looking forward to buying more stuff from omega divine thank u so much for awakening my goddest in me .

Yesenia Estremera

First this lipgloss was exactly as pictured. My daughter immediately tore open her package when it arrived and was so excited! It smells amazing and feels great on the lips. I would highly recommend shopping with this seller and trying her products. Thank you so much for making my 5 year old feel like a princess!!!!



Hello! My name is Calandrea, I am 22 years old born and raised in Buffalo, NY! My interests are spirituality, anything artistic, beauty, writing, and dancing of all genres. I started this business to share my creations with the WORLD. I thought, why keep these products to myself when I can help the masses! Not knocking other wonderful products but I don't understand the need for extra chemicals when you can achieve healthy hair, skin, and a healthy mentality NATURALLY. This is what myself and my brand is about, feeling like royalty but doing it the natural way! :)

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Ever wondered why i chose the name OMEGA-DIVINE? Well...
Have you ever heard of the Omega male? It is just as good as the Alpha but the Omega isn't afraid of doing their own thing the Omega female is the trust worthy one the peace maker. Divine means of, from, or like a God.
I see not only me but all of us as Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens. We are Royalty, We are special. This is why my brand is named Omega-Divine.